Han's Robot has been applied to automatic loading and unloading of superhard tool for grinding machine, increasing overall efficiency to 350%

Publish Time: 2023-10-30
To solve the problem, customers preferred collaborative robots that are small, safe and flexible. This is because it is the only way to get inside a grinding machine with an area of less than 4 m²and avoid large-scale modifications to the end-user's production line layout.
The client finally chose Han's E05 collaborative robot which has a payload of 5KG and a repeatability of ±0.02mm. Elfin cobot adopts a unique double-joint module design, where one motion module contains two joints to form a unique kinematic structure and can move freely in a small space. Moreover, the programming and debugging are very simple and efficient. After setting the user coordinate system and determining the position of the first workpiece material, E05 cobot can automatically complete the accurate loading and unloading. Importantly, the loading tray can supply up to 184 workpiece materials to the grinding machine at a time.
It is worth mentioning that Han's E05 cobot has successfully replaced similar cobot products imported from Japan by the client.
Increase the efficiency to 350%

Perfectly coordinating the robotic arm and the grinding machine is the key point of using cobot for customers. As a more open robot platform, Han's Robot provides users with many kinds of expansion interfaces to meet complex and diverse requirements.

The E05 collaborative robot cooperates with the I/O signals of the machining center controller to obtain information such as the processing progress of the tool workpiece when the grinding machine is processing it, and connects based on this information to complete the loading and unloading operation. During the entire process, our robotic arm is always in good working condition, ensuring that the grinding machine operates at full load and efficiently.

E05 cobot can work 24 hours per day continuously, greatly improving efficiency to about 350% and increasing the production capacity.

The value of Han's Robot lies in optimizing the production line. While reducing costs and increasing efficiency, it helps workers reduce repetitive tasks and have the opportunity to engage in work with a higher sense of accomplishment.Of course, it's also the best interpretation for Han's Robot to practice the mission of  "Serving Humanity With Robot Technology".

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