Elfin-Ex collaborative robot E10F-L

Han's Robot introduces the explosion-proof collaborative robots, which have received national certification for explosion protection. It can replace workers and work in explosive hazardous environments to significantly reduce operational risks.

The series adopts a leak-compensated positive pressure explosion-proof system with medium isolation of the ignition source, and the shell is designed with multiple sealing structures, thus realising a compound explosion-proof structure of intrinsic safety and positive pressure; equipped with a positive pressure monitoring system, the positive pressure protection gas pressure of the robot can be monitored in real time and provides power failure protection , blocking explosive combustible gases and dust from entering the robot to avoid the risk of explosion.

Product Overview

1、Multiple explosion-proof system

2、IP66 Classification

3、National explosion-proof certification

4、Compact size and light weight

5、Easy to use

Product Features

Say "no" to explosions with multiple blast protection
A leak-compensated positive-pressure explosion-proof system with medium isolation of the ignitio n source is used for reliable sealing performance; the shell is sealed with multiple seals, thus realising an intrinsically safe, positive-pressure and other composite explosion-proof structure; equipped with an air pressure monitoring system for full process detection, reducing the risk of explosion to zero.

Reliable sealing against water and dust ingress
The robot is designed with a reliable and highly hermetic structure to achieve IP66 level of protection against water and dust.

Wide range of applications, easy to expand
Petrochemical industry: Petroleum refining, hazardous gas transfer, environmental inspections.
Painting industry:Painting and powder coating of metal and plastic surfaces.
Service industry:e.g. automatic refuelling and filling of cars.
Also suitable for scenarios with a lot of dust and significant liquid splashing.

Easy to use, flexible and convenient
No professional knowledge of explosion-proofing and programming is required, even if you have no basic knowledge you can easily get started; fast drag-and-drop operation, automatic programming, high intelligence.

Low investment, high return
Cost-effective Product

Technical Specifications


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