Elfin-Pro collaborative robot E05L-pro

Elfin-PRO collaborative robot is developed on the basis of elfin collaborative robot. It  not only has all the advantages of the elfin collaborative robot such as a variety models, easy deployment, high precision, high flexibility, double-joint module design and modular design, but also has upgraded the product capability through the integration of cutting-edge AI technology, end force control integration, end vision integration. In addition, it adopts a new elegant and practical surface treatment process which is more stable and reliable. With all these advantages, Elfin PRO offers a better human-robot collaboration experience and could support wider application scenarios.

Product Overview

1、Force Control Integration

2、Camera System

3、Higher Protection, More Applications

4、High Sensitivity, Much Safer

Product Features

Force Control Integration
Internal wiring with better anti-interference ability
Constant force control for perfect trajectory
Fast programming
Soft control with smooth free-drive teaching
Force exploration suitable to intelligent assembly which makes the small batches and flflexible production of multiple varieties to be possible.

Camera System
Internal wiring enables the robot to have better anti-interference ability and supports fast deployment
AI application capabilities such as visual positioning,visual classifification recognition, object detection and QR Code recognition
Han's Robot's self-developed hardware and software which is easy to operate and pretty interactive and scalable.

Higher Protection, More Applications
With IP66 protection, E PRO robot can be adapted to difffferent production environments which further extending the range of applications.

High Sensitivity, Much Safer
E PRO robot realizes 1000Hz real-time control refresh frequency, which can achieve the industry-leading trajectory precision control, stable and reliable performance, faster response and safer human-machine collaboration.

Technical Specifications


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